Here Are Some Benefits of Working With Mark Shandrow, Real Estate Broker

Mark Shandrow, Short Sale Expert

  • Get Up to $30,000 Cash Back at Close.
  • Get Full Deficiency & Debt Relief.
  • Restore Credit.
  • Eliminate Any Back Real Estate Taxes.
  • Confidential and Dignified Solution.
  • FREE Consultation.
  • 100 + Closed Sales Per Year.
  • Expert in Los Angeles and Orange County, California Real Estate Markets. 

It’s not too late to do a short sale.  Many home owners find themselves falling behind in mortgage payments while they try to keep the family afloat.  The recession, unemployment, health care expenses, legal fees, unanticipated bills… we’ve all been there and we know what it feels like to lose hope.

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Many people feel the short sale process seems overwhelming.  Mark Shandrow and his team of short sale experts can help you:

Prepare a Hardship Letter.  We have dozens of samples available for your review.  The hardship letter is the first step in convincing your lender to allow you to short sale your home.

Assemble your Short Sale Package.  
 The Short Sale Package is your case to your lender why it is in their best interest to allow you to short sale your home.  Your case must be bulletproof or it could get rejected.  Mark Shandrow and his team have prepared 100′s of Short Sale Packages and know the inside secrets to get your case APPROVED.

Sell your house discretely.   Selling your house does not have to be like a neighborhood block party.  If requested, no FOR SALE sign will be installed in your yard and buyer showings can be by appointment only. With most houses selling in under two-weeks, your privacy will be respected.

Negotiate with your lender(s).
  If you have more than one loan, negotiating with your second, third and sometimes fourth trustee can be overwhelming.   Each loan needs to agree on a settlement before you can sell your house.  Mark Shandrow has many strategies to get your lender(s) to cooperate and allow you to walk away with absolutely  NO MONEY out of your pocket.   Negotiating is our business.  This is what we do best.

Help with your Relocation.  On average, Shandrow Group is getting home owners an average of $3,000 at the close of escrow.  This money can be used to help with your relocation expenses, such as rent, deposit, and movers.

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All conversations are private and discrete. 

This is the most asked question I hear, “What are the real benefits of a short sale?”  Honestly, it is actually a really good question.   So, I put this list together to help sort things out a bit.

What are the Advantages of a Short Sale?

1.) Less Damaging to Credit Rating: A Foreclosure will severely damage ones credit rating for 7 years, but a Short Sale is less damaging and its effect does not last as long.  Many times you can buy a house within 18 to 24 months of a short sale—even right away–in some instances.

2.) Major Banks are Encouraging Short Sales over Foreclosure: Part of the money from the recent $25 billion settlement between state-federal government and banks is set aside for short sales.  In fact, Bank of America is offering between $5,000 and $30,000 if you complete a short sale this year.

3.) Dignified Solution: With a Short Sale, we sell your home just like your neighbors have done. It’s a dignified resolution to a tough situation. On the other hand, after a Foreclosure, a Sheriff performs a lock out, the grass turns brown, and a Bank Sales Rep places ‘Bank Foreclosure For Sale’ signs in front of the property for your neighbors to see.

4.) Much Shorter Delay to Renewed Loan Worthiness: We have established an association with a National Credit Restoration firm. This firm has been able to make major improvements to the credit ratings of our past short sale clients, within months. But they have extreme difficulty in making improvements to damaged credit reports resulting from Foreclosure.

5.) “Cash for Cooperation”: Some of the banks we work with are now offering home owners a Cash incentive in order to Cooperate with a short sale, versus allowing the property to be Foreclosed on by the Bank. You can use this money to help with your relocation, such as rent, furnishings and utilities.

Hardship is difficult under any circumstance, but losing a home as a result of foreclosure or bankruptcy can destroy your credit in the long-term and feel like failure in the short-term.  You don’t have to wait until the bank knocks on your door. New legislation and financing reforms can help you avoid the pain and trauma of foreclosure.  It’s not too late to take back your life before you’re forced into another situation you can’t control.

Disclosures:  There are certain risks when performing a short sale.  Risks include the lender not cooperating, junior lien holders not co-operating, and/or the property going into foreclosure during the short sale period.  There are possible tax obligations that you will need to consult with a CPA.  Information contained herein is subject to change without notice.  Homeowner, buyer, agent and real estate professional experience and results will vary.  No promise or guarantee is given or implied.  Mark Shandrow is a California Licensed Real Estate Broker located at Shandrow Group, Inc. 3970 Atlantic Ave., Suite 210, Long Beach, CA  90807.  You may contact the company directly by calling 1-562-364-9505.  Mark Shandrow or Shandrow Group, Inc. is not associated with the government, and our service is not approved by the government or your lender.  Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan.  If you stop paying your mortgage, you could lose your home and damage your credit rating.